"The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity" Ellen Parr

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Stik Design is eager to take on challenges to turn them inside out.

To get familiar with the problems surrounding the challenge, but not to be limited by them. To grab the essentials by simplifying. And to approach it with an open en fresh mind, helped by knowledge from different sectors, a practical approach, and a healthy amount of common sense. With projects in construction tools, poultry, machine construction and playground equipment you could say Stik Design doesn’t limit itself to one sector. Your problem or idea, our challenge!

"The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity" Ellen Parr



An existing idea can function just fine, but isn’t there a way to go from ‘just fine’ to excellent? As long as the rest of the world is in movement, being inert results in decline. An insatiable curiosity has resulted in an extensive knowledge base of technology. This comes in place when using ‘cross-pollination’, the technique of one sector can be of surprising value in another sector. The motion of the rest of the world doesn’t need to be a threat, but it can also be an opportunity.



With a practical hands-on approach it is easy to complete several iterations in a short period. Every iteration results in experience and knowledge, which can be implemented in the next iteration. A crucial aspect of this process is the ability to create functional prototypes in a short period of time to test the functionality of an idea. 3D printers are often used to achieve this, combine this with a high level of dexterity and a basic knowledge of electrical engineering and you have the ingredients to turn you idea into a functional prototype.



Understanding the problem and having ideas to solve them is the start, but how to communicate these ideas to others? With the word ‘dragon’ different people have different representations, in one’s mind it can have green wings, in the other it may have red scales. When trying to discuss ideas this is not different. Clear visualisations are of vital importance for transferring ideas. To create these visualisations, tools ranging from 3D CAD modelling to hand drawn sketches are being used, depending on the demands.



Addressing challenges with a fresh view. Not being familiar with all the problems facing a challenge helps in keeping an open mind and a broad perspective. This creates opportunities to come up with creative and innovating solutions which are hard to think of when ‘burdened’ with in depth knowledge. In short, don’t dig deeper but in another direction.





Under the company name Stik Design, Dick van de Ven has been operating as a freelance product designer and developer since December 2010. With a background in mechanical engineering, a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design and working experience in a research a development department, the base has been laid for product innovation. Project are handled in a personal and confidential manner, and a swift transition can be made between different sectors. A broad knowledge makes a fresh and different view upon matter possible, and where needed collaboration can be sought within a known network for in dept knowledge.

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